I'm a Lens Based Artist and Lecturer, living and working in Istanbul.

I studied Photography at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, 2004.

I completed my Master's Degree, headed "Visual Interaction Between Photography and Cinematography", 2007.

And then I completed my PhD, headed "Narrative Approaches on Contemporary Art Photography", 2013.

I worked with the names such as Michael Ackerman and Todd Hido.

I'm still working as a lecturer and pursuing a career as an artist working with images.


My work explores the relationship between truth and fiction. With influences as diverse as Jean-Luc Godard, David Lynch, Gregory Crewdson and Tom Hunter, new synergies are crafted both traditional and modern layers.

Photography for me is a way to tell story and evoke a feeling. I utilize my camera as a tool to create imagery that is in both real and surreal, laced in fantasy.

In my attempt to tell a story I combined my memory and observances of my everyday surroundings. The story continues to grow as I rely on my conscious and subconscious to invent and transfer those thoughts to an image.

My goal is to relieve a memory by arranging a scene that I ultimately have direct control over the outcome. It’s from that process I find myself being most present in me.

These series is about asking questions about what is real and what is not real. These fictional stories aims to depict a personal biography, with the people who where connected with the places and me. The pictures were both taken at the studio and location.



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